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Step 1. Take stock

How much house can you afford? It may be more than you think. Thanks to the years of experience and expertise that go into the building of every Silver Stone home, Silver Stone Construction can help you stretch your dollars without cutting corners.

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Step 2. Call your lender

Sit down with your lender and figure out what you've got to work with. Together, you decide what kind of loan will work best for you.

  • A construction loan is a good idea if you want to be heavily involved in purchase decisions. In this scenario, the homeowner sets up the loan with his/her lender and Silver Stone Construction applies for payments as the construction progresses.
  • A turnkey loan is a good choice if you are currently carrying other large loans, such as a mortgage on your present home. In this scenario, the homeowner sets up the loan with Silver Stone Construction, giving both the homeowner and the contractor more flexibility.

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Step 3. Find your land

Find the land first. It will help you figure out how much house you can build and whether you'll need to think about additional expenses such as wells and septic.

Staying within city/village limits can keep your costs down by letting you take advantage of municipal utility services such as water and sewage treatment. Building in the country can give you breathing room and privacy. Silver Stone does most of its new construction work in the village of Cottage Grove, WI, but you'll also find Silver Stone homes in Deerfield, Verona, Monona, Oregon, Stoughton, Waterloo, and Madison, WI.

Silver Stone Construction often buys good land as it comes available, so check with Pat to see if he's already found a spot that will work for you.

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Step 4. Budget your building

Now that you've subtracted out the cost of the land, you know how much house you can afford. Generally a two-story house will cost less per square foot than a ranch-style house. It is the size of the foundation and roof that drives the difference in costs.

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Step 5. Lay out your design

Perhaps you already have plans for your house. Whether they've been drafted by an architect or sketched out on a cocktail napkin, Pat Ceithamer will work with you to transform them into a real, buildable design.

Perhaps you have dreams, but no plans. Silver Stone Construction can help you there, through association with planners skilled at helping homeowners articulate their vision and put their dreams on paper.

Perhaps you haven't a clue what your dream home would look like, only that you'll know it when you see it. Pat keeps files of neat ideas and can offer you suggestions.

The finished design is yours. You could even take it to another builder if you want to. If, after the design is completed, you choose to continue to work with Silver Stone Construction, Silver Stone will absorb 50% of the design fees.

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Step 6. Schedule the subcontractors

One way Silver Stone Construction keeps costs low is to hire high quality subcontractors to do much of the basic work, such as digging the foundation and building the frame. Once your plan is finished, Pat Ceithamer identifies the subcontractors he thinks will do the best job for you at the right price. He schedules and oversees their work.

Suppliers who provide items such as windows, cabinets, and carpeting are also considered subcontractors. Pat prepares an "allowance" for each one Ð this much for towel bars, that much for lighting Ð and provides you with a list of subcontractors with budgets for each to help you keep track. You can then visit each subcontractor and pick out what you like.

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Step 7. Your dream home takes shape

The first crew will use the plan you've developed to dig and pour the foundation and build the skeleton of the house. Thanks to the time you and Patrick Ceithamer have spent doing up-front planning, this work goes smoothly and quickly. The typical Silver Stone home takes two to three weeks to frame.

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Step 8. Your vision becomes reality

Once the framing crew has finished, the Silver Stone's crew of topnotch carpenters and finishers enter the scene. Pat Ceithamer and his entire crew take pride in the quality of their craftsmanship, whether it's hanging hand-carpentered trim, building high-shouldered arches, or installing columns, tray ceilings, or custom closets. Click here to see examples of Silver Stone Construction's work.

When the trucks and Bobcats® have left for good, Silver Stone Construction's landscapers will fine-grade and seed or sod your lawn.

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Step 9. Silver Stone Construction backs up its work with the best warranty in the business

Throughout the process of building your house, Pat Ceithamer has been constructing something else for you: your warranty book.

Silver Stone Construction takes pride in offering a warranty that sets the standard for custom home building. Because the materials used to build your home are new, as they dry out and adjust to your home's environment, it's natural for some drywall to crack and some nails to pop. Silver Stone Construction takes every step possible to keep such "settling" to a minimum. For most homes, Silver Stone will promise that, for an entire year, it will repair or replace cracking concrete, squeaking floors, leaking roofs, smoking chimneys, dripping faucets, warping doors, heaving steps, and almost everything else that happens as a result of this natural settling-in process.

Silver Stone Construction is able to offer this surprising and comprehensive warranty because Pat Ceithamer and his crew are confident that your home was built well and strong.

Silver Stone Construction is eager to offer this warranty because Pat Ceithamer and his crew want every home built with the Silver Stone name to deserve the Silver Stone name. At your closing, Pat will walk you through your house, showing you how everything was put together and where the cables, valves, and circuits are. To top it off, he will present you with a three-ring binder that includes, not only Silver Stone Construction's warranty information, but warranties and contact information for every subcontractor involved in your house, along with samples of carpet, paint, etc., in case they need to be matched somewhere down the line.

Along with your warranty information, you'll get tips for keeping your house in good shape. (Did you know that you shouldn't put salt on a new driveway?) Pat Ceithamer and his crew want to make sure that your home will last a lifetime.

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Step 10. You move in

The whole project, from the day you shake hands with your lender to the day you move in is four to five months on average.

Then you move in.

On time.

Just one more way Silver Stone Construction makes your dream come true.

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As a professional appraiser, I look at a lot of homes. When my brother and I wanted to build a duplex, we knew we wanted Silver Stone to build it. The price was competitive. We’re real happy with it. If anyone I knew was asking about contractors, I’d say go talk to Pat Ceithamer.
- Don I.
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