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Silver Stone's Questions and Answers

Are you a modular, prefab, manufactured home builder?
No.  We have a crew on site to build your home by hand.  Therefore, this ensures an accurately built home. This gives us the confidence that your home will be energy efficient. 

What type of lending sources do you have?
If you need a lending source, we can provide you with several options. We have done the leg work for you to ensure you work with a bank that is friendly and easy to work with. Also one that can give you lots of lending options. Not to mention one that can answer all of your questions in a manor that you can understand.

What is the percentage rate on a loan?
There are numerous factors that go into determining your personal interest rate (i.e. income, credit, & the government). Your interest rate will be discussed during your visit to the bank.

Are you a member of the Home Builders Association?
Yes. We are members of Madison Builders Association, Wisconsin Builders Association, National Builders Association, Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce and the Waunakee Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.

What is the price range of your homes?
We are a custom builder, so we do not have a set price range.  Part of being a custom builder is that we are able to adjust to your budget and work with you directly to stay in that budget. All costs depend on what you want to build and what you want to put into it. We can help you with this very important component of the building process.

Where do you build?
Anywhere in
Dane County, WI. Although we have built outside our area, and we are willing to do that for you, details and extra costs would have to be worked out in advance. We have mostly done this for a repeat customer that wants us to build their home again.

How do we proceed from here?
You can start by giving us a call. We would be glad to help you get started and with no pressure from us. All you need to bring is your ideas and a copy of your commitment letter from another lending source.

What are the restrictive covenants in the subdivisions?
Every community carries their own covenants.  Please ask a for a copy of one from the development you are interested in.

Can I customize my home?
Yes you can, we are a totally custom builder. We welcome your ideas and changes; we actually may suggest to you some changes ourselves that may benefit you along the way.

I have my own floor plan. Would you build my house?
We certainly will. However, we do require a full set of working Plans.

As a professional appraiser, I look at a lot of homes. When my brother and I wanted to build a duplex, we knew we wanted Silver Stone to build it. The price was competitive. We’re real happy with it. If anyone I knew was asking about contractors, I’d say go talk to Pat Ceithamer.
- Don I.
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